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Reduce stubborn body fat from those troublesome areas.


Studio Figura slim women

With nutritionist designed weight loss plans, infra-red treatment, collagen lamps, rollers and all-natural supplements we help you get to the best you. And to keep it that way.

slim woman with perfect body

Be part of Australia’s most effective, non-invasive weight loss community.




Beautiful healthy fit slim female

What makes us different?

Shape your figure simply. Exercise smarter, not harder

Studio Figura has helped thousands of women get back to their best. Using a holistic approach combining mind, body, and spirit with cutting edge technology, Studio Figura is the only centre in Brisbane that achieves results 4x faster*. Our European equipment is built with the ethos of working smarter, not harder. 

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Why Studio Figura?

Unique & Personalised services
Low-impact & High outcome
Guaranteed Results
Rewards program


We are open:

      Monday to Thursday 6.30am – 9pm

      Friday 6.30am-3pm

      Saturday 7.30am-1pm

      Sunday Closed


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